We could be on the list.

Did you hear the news?

Because you raised your voice in strong defense of our public lands, Interior Secretary Zinke announced yesterday that no national monuments will be eliminated. For now.

Unfortunately, Zinke did propose shrinking four national monuments and, with today marking the 101st anniversary of the founding of the National Park Service, this news couldn’t have come at a worse time.

The NPS is a steward of our common heritage – unique lands held for the benefit and enjoyment of all Americans – and I know we’ll have to keep fighting to protect our public lands.

As Executive, conserving our open spaces, clean water, and working farms and forests has always been a top priority – from saving historic Snoqualmie Valley farmland and working forests from development, to conserving saltwater shoreline on Vashon-Maury Island.

King County residents care deeply about parks and wilderness. We’ve protected 190,000 acres since 1970, and I’m working with our cities and conservation partners to protect all remaining highest priority working farms and forests, urban green space, key habitat, and regional trail corridors – 66,000 more acres – within a generation.

But here’s the deal: public lands across the country aren’t as lucky, and who knows which parks and monuments will be next on Zinke’s list.

We need to keep standing up against an administration that puts profits before country, and protect our best wilderness and public lands here at home and across America. If you’re with me, add your name today.

Protecting our national parks, forests, and monuments doesn’t just preserve our beautiful landscapes and natural resources. It is foundational to our health, economy, and wellbeing.

Public lands here in King County support clean water and wildlife. They attract employers, workers, and economic investment. Outdoor recreation, working forests, and local farms bring dollars to local communities. And for many Native Americans, protection of these lands is essential to their very survival and identity.

I’m proud of the legacy we’ve built preserving our public lands in Washington state, and they need to stay that way: public. We have a duty to our children and future generations –
and raising our voices to fight for and protect our public lands is part of it.

Stand with me today and let’s ensure they stay protected.

Thank you,


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