Constantine proposes streamlined $2.75 metro fare for King County

SEATTLE — King County Executive Dow Constantine proposed to the King County Council on Thursday that Metro fares be simplified to $2.75 and for increased funding for discounted tickets, according to a news release.

The current King County metro system involves different fares for different zones in the county. Currently there is one zone for Seattle and another for all areas outside the city, according to the release. There are also increased fares during commuting times in the morning and at night.

Constantine said the current system is too complicated. He is proposing that all full fare for adults be streamlined to $2.75.

About 65 percent of metro customers will either see no change or a fare reduction, according to the release. Metro riders who travel in two zones could see up to a 50-cent decrease in fare if the proposal is passed.

Off-peak fares are now $2.50 for adults.

“Whether you’re traveling between Ballard and Bellevue, Whiter Center or Westlake, or anywhere that crosses the Seattle city limits, this new fare means money in your pocket,” Constantine said in the news release.
King County Metro reportedly conducted two public surveys regarding metro fare. In one survey, 80 percent supported a flat rate, according to the news release.

If the proposal is approved by King County Council, the fare change could take effect as early as July 2018.

According to the news release, the proposal would reportedly increase funding to help low-income passengers not covered by ORCA Lift and passengers least able to pay during off-peak hours.

Constantine said in a news conference Thursday that rising home prices have caused more people to be pushed farther from where they work.

“As our cities and towns have grown into a true metropolitan region … the time for change has come,” Constantine said.

Originally published on Komo News.

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