Creating One of the Nation’s Boldest Climate Action Plans

Under Dow’s leadership, King County created one of the most ambitious climate action plans in the US. It provides a roadmap for the entire region to reduce carbon pollution, increase transit access, protect open spaces, improve recycling options and prepare for climate change impacts.


Envisioning and Authoring “Best Starts for Kids”

The most comprehensive approach to childhood development in the nation, investing in prevention and early intervention so that children reach kindergarten healthy and ready to learn, and youth reach adulthood prepared to succeed. This multigenerational strategy supports good outcomes for children, parents, grandparents and communities.



Leading the Nation in Support for Working Families

King County is a leader in offering up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave. Not only does this allow families to connect with their newborns and newly adopted children, it helps the County to recruit and retain talented workers.


Helping Homeless Veterans Transition to Safe, Affordable Housing

The Operation: WelcomeOneHome campaign supports our region’s homeless veterans by helping them find safe, affordable housing and transition out of homelessness, and recruits property managers and community organizations to help in the process.


Launching the Safe Energy Leadership Alliance

A coalition of local, state, and tribal leaders from across the Western U.S. and British Columbia working together to raise awareness of the safety risks of oil and coal transport, and expand our region’s work in clean energy production. SELA represents a broad range of urban and rural areas with different interests but a shared mission—to protect the health, safety and economy of our communities.


Investing in Critical Infrastructure

More than half the state’s economy is in King County, and the three-county metropolitan region generates well over $300 billion in annual economic activity. Mobility – or the lack of it – is one of the greatest threats to that economic success. That is why Executive Constantine worked tirelessly for years to create and, in 2016, pass Sound Transit 3 – to ensure our prosperity doesn’t get stuck in traffic.




Creating the Equity and Social Justice Strategic Plan

Through mutual authorship by the County government, employees, and the broader community, the ESJ Strategic Plan will impact lives and change inequities by focusing on institutional policies, practices, and systems. It will serve as a blueprint for change and achieving greater institutional and regional equity and social justice.


Making Historic Investments in Arts and Culture

Enacted “Building for Culture, the largest one-time investment King County has made to build new cultural facilities, as well as expand, preserve, and improve existing ones.


Increasing Access to Fast, Frequent, Affordable Transit

Transit ridership across King County Metro and Sound Transit climbed to its highest levels ever, totaling about 150 million rides in the King County area in 2016. The Seattle area leads the nation in ridership growth compared to the largest US metro areas.


Achieving Global Milestones in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

King County is among the first major metropolitan regions in the United States – possibly the very first – to reach a major milestone set by the World Health Organization in the fight against HIV/AIDS. A broad partnership led by Public Health achieved what is known as the 90-90-90 goal: 90 percent of residents infected with HIV know their infection status, 90 percent are on HIV antiretroviral treatment, and 90 percent are virally suppressed.

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