This is not normal.

After weeks engulfed by a sickly yellow smog rivaling Beijing, the wind shifted and our region finally last weekend saw a bit of blue sky. And then, for the first time in nearly two months, we awoke Sunday to our old friend rain, and air quality finally, for the moment, improved.

Meanwhile, in a report that had to be leaked for us to learn its findings, scientists from 13 federal agencies determined that humanity is already suffering the consequences of climate change – including worsening wildfires and air quality, much like the conditions that have defined our summer here.

Our region has experienced extreme weather over the past year like never before. Record rain fell in the spring, multiple heat records have been set, and we just came out of our longest drought – 56 days without rain – since 1951.

Yes, we’ve had rainy springtimes, but not as severe. And summer droughts, but not as long. And heat, but not as high. And wildfires, but not as bad. And certainly not all strung together.

To be clear: this summer is not normal. If we don’t act now to protect our environment and counter the effects of climate change, it will be.

So, I need to know what you think about the impacts of climate change in our region. Will you take a survey about what you think of our extreme weather changes?

The Trump Administration has yet to comment on the official report. With the White House now overrun with climate change deniers (even reportedly forbidding EPA staff to use the term), we cannot rely on the federal government to lead this fight. Quite the opposite.

There is no Planet B – the path forward comes down to us. So, I want to know where you stand. Take the survey now.

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