Tell Trump: Keep our water clean

Here in King County, we know how important clean water is.

We have devoted millions to cleaning up Puget Sound and ensuring our region has clean water for generations to come. We’ve set high quality standards to hold polluters accountable. We know protecting our natural resources is critical to managing a growing population and maintaining a healthy environment.

To put it simply – clean water is a right.

But in the other Washington, Trump is threatening to repeal protections that keep water clean for millions of Americans.

Not on our watch. Add your name to celebrate the anniversary of the Clean Water Act and tell Trump he has to protect our water.

Trump and his science-denying EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt are willing to put people at risk, just to boost the profit margins for some of America’s biggest polluters and Republicans’ biggest donors.

The regulations that Trump has tried to roll back will impact 1 in 3 Americans — as well as countless animals native to our rivers and streams. We’ve seen before that this administration is more concerned with profits for billionaires than responsible governance, and this latest threat to public health is no different.

There’s no time to waste — add your name today.

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