Dow Constantine: We must invest in each other here

Here in King County, we take care of each other. It’s what truly makes us a community. And now more than ever, with our country under the thumb of a man who couldn’t care less about decency, it’s important that we show our neighbors that they can rely on us.

That’s why the Veterans, Seniors, and Human Services Levy is so important.

Since 2006, this levy has been critical to improving the lives of our most vulnerable communities. We’ve helped veterans return to civilian life through training and job placement, counseling, and more. We’ve invested in homelessness solutions that actually work, and supported housing programs that have helped avoid more than $7 million in high-cost emergency medical services. This new levy, expanded to include seniors, will allow the people who built this community to stay in their homes and age with dignity and security.

Ballots drop in less than two weeks. So if you’re with me to take care of your neighbors across King County, add your name as a citizen supporter today.

This program has already helped hundreds of veterans find affordable housing and assisted in transitioning them out of homelessness. And with the help of the existing levy, our county moved nearly 6,000 households out of homelessness into permanent housing last year — giving them the stability they need to reach their full potential.

So, when we step up to renew and expand this levy in November, we’re also demonstrating that here in King County, we don’t just look out for ourselves — we invest in each other.

Add your name right now if you’re committed to making sure that we renew the Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy in November:

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