Last Vegas

Just days ago, we were reminded — viscerally and painfully — of the importance of gun violence prevention efforts, when 59 people were murdered at a concert in Las Vegas.

There is absolutely no reason for mass shootings to occur at their current frequency here in the United States. This carnage is not inevitable. And it is not acceptable. It is preventable, and we as a nation need to do more – a lot more – to curb this senseless gun violence. It’s as simple as that.

It’s clear that we can’t count on Congress to take commonsense steps to prevent gun violence. I’m disappointed, frustrated, and angry — but I can’t say I’m surprised.

But here, in King County…

  • We’ve doubled down on enforcing existing firearm laws, including the state laws on universal background checks and protection orders that were woefully under-enforced.
  • Despite state laws that limit our ability to pass local gun safety regulation, we’ve taken a new approach to this public health crisis, with health policies reflecting real, local data on gun violence.
  • We’ve instituted the “Lok-It-Up” program, offering discounts on lockboxes, safes, trigger locks, and other tools that keep guns stored safely.

In King County, we stand united against gun violence. We refuse to settle for our friends, neighbors, and even our children feeling unsafe in our community.

That’s my promise.

Today, I’m asking you to recommit to this fight — add your name to say you’re ready to make our communities safer and stronger through gun violence prevention measures right here in King County.

I’m not just speaking as a public servant. My family lives here too. I feel the same overwhelming need to protect the people I love. This isn’t politics. For me, and you, and all of us, it’s personal.

Every parent in King County should know that their child is safe. I’m ready to fight to make that happen, even if Congress won’t.

Please add your name to say you’re committed to gun violence prevention today:

Thank you. Together, we can do this.


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