This letter contains “irresponsible and dangerous” content:

This week, an absolutely disgusting flier was mailed to thousands of Burien residents.

A group called Respect Washington, funded by a known hate group out of Michigan, sent a letter demonizing local immigrants and included a map with names and addresses. Our Sheriff has called this letter and its materials “irresponsible and dangerous” and said that it puts innocent people at risk.

It’s straight out of Trump’s playbook, and I am furious.

We must not allow this kind of fear-mongering and blatant race-baiting to have a place in our public discourse. America should be a beacon of freedom and opportunity, but this right-wing hate group is willing to risk innocent lives for votes.

Together, we will stand for the true meaning of America and show that discrimination and hate will be given no quarter here in Martin Luther King County.

So, will you stand up against hate by pledging to remind your friends to vote in the November 7th election?

Our region is changing rapidly and dramatically. We’re in the midst of an economic boom, but that prosperity hasn’t equally been felt by all. I can understand why some might feel that it’s all happening too quickly.

But the answer to that anxiety isn’t to scapegoat our neighbors. It’s to work for an equitable community where all people have access to the remarkable opportunities our region has to offer.

I’ve represented Burien in the House, the Senate, the County Council and now as County Executive. I know these Trump values are not Burien values – last fall, more than 75 percent of voters in Burien rejected Trump and his politics of hate.

Let’s not make the mistake of electing a city council that shares his hateful agenda.

Say you’re with me by pledging to get out the vote and continuing to build an inclusive King County where everyone feels safe and welcome.

Thank you,


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