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Last Vegas

Just days ago, we were reminded — viscerally and painfully — of the importance of gun violence prevention efforts, when 59 people were murdered at ...


We are the first line of defense against Trump. We are the boots on the ground. On my watch, King County is defending and supporting immigrant families in the face of Trump’s newly-announced persecution, and I will certainly not allow him to threaten innocent young people who were brought to America as children.

Celebrating workers

Labor Day is about a lot more than picnics and parades. Today, we take time to celebrate the workers who built our communities and our country, and recommit ourselves to fighting for an economy that works for everyone.


The results of Hurricane Harvey may continue to cause catastrophic flooding and damage over the next few days, and we need to make sure these communities have the resources they need to survive – and eventually rebuild.

We could be on the list.

Because you raised your voice in strong defense of our public lands, Interior Secretary Zinke announced yesterday that no national monuments will be eliminated. For now.

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