Local nonprofits awarded $2.25 million to provide services to immigrants, refugees

SEATTLE — The City of Seattle, King County and Seattle Foundation announced Monday $2.25 million in funding to provide services to immigrants, refugees and other vulnerable residents in the county, according to a news release.

According to the news release, 38 nonprofits will receive funds to provide these services. Those organizations include Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, Kids in Need of Defense and West African Community Council.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said in the release that these groups were awarded the combined funding because “they advocate for immigrants every day in what’s now a larger fight to preserve core American principles of Democracy.”

The organizations will provide services such as training for educators and mental-health providers who teach or provide treatment to immigrants and refugees, critical legal services, preventing wage theft and launching a Know Your Rights campaign, according to the release.

The money comes from different partnerships in King County.

The City of Seattle and King County invested a combined $1.55 million for the legal defense fund, which provides services for those in the county who need legal services related to their immigration status.

A partnership between Seattle Foundation and King County invested $600,000 to establish the resilience fund, which aims to strengthen community support for immigrants and refugees.

According to the news release, the resilience fund also provides funding to “respond to unanticipated challenges that organizations serving women and girls, LGBTQ individuals, people with disabilities, African Americans and other communities who are experiencing changing federal policies and declining funding.”

King County is also investing $75,000 for information and resource hubs for immigrants and refugees and those who want to support them.

“We proudly uphold the American promise that we are a nation that welcomes those fleeing oppression, seeking opportunity, and yearning for freedom,” King County Executive Dow Constantine said in the release. “We have created partnerships that will reinforce King County’s reputation as an inclusive community where all are welcome to build a better life.”

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