Dow Constantine: He can’t handle the truth

By: Dow Constantine

In 1964 a new president, Lyndon Johnson, signed the voting rights act into law, to strengthen our democracy.

In 2017 a new president, Donald Trump, has formed a dangerous commission to strip voting rights from millions of Americans – because he can’t handle the truth about why he lost the popular vote, and he’s not going to let a problem like democracy jeopardize his grip on power.

We know exactly who this commission is aimed at hurting: immigrants, people of color, women, seniors and low-income Americans. Will you join me to defend the right to vote for all Americans? Add your name to the petition.

​I’m proud that King County is a state and national leader in expanding voting rights. In 2015, the county added more voting ballot languages, to make it easier for our diverse residents to cast an informed vote and last year we quadrupled the number of ballot drop boxes in our region.

We should be making it easier for people to vote by opening doors — not closing them.

We can’t allow President Trump and extreme special interests to undermine our democracy by using unfounded fear, alternative facts, and xenophobia to dismantle voting rights and prevent Americans from participating in elections.

Add your name and tell Congress: reject President Trump’s unconstitutional plan to dismantle voting rights and his scheme to suppress the vote.

Thank you.

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