We made a video to say thank you:

When Dow was re-elected last Tuesday, I hope you took a moment to reflect on all the work you helped this campaign accomplish.

We made this video to say thank you, and to let you know how grateful Dow is to continue his work to make King County a place where everyone belongs and where everyone has a chance to work hard and succeed.

Please take a moment to watch and share the video with your family:

Watch the video

With Donald Trump in the White House attacking the very policies and values that have helped King County thrive, we know the fight ahead of us isn’t going to be easy — but thanks to you, we’re going to keep showing the country what bold progressive leadership can do.

As County Executive, Dow will continue to lead the fight to take on climate change, protect access to reproductive health services, stand up for the rights of DREAMers and our immigrant families, tackle homelessness, and make forward-thinking investments in public transit.

Watch this video we put together to celebrate the work you’ve done, and then share it with your friends to help Dow fight the battles that are coming up next.

Whether you are a fourth-generation Washingtonian struggling to afford your first house, a refugee having just found a place to call home, or an entrepreneur launching your dream — you belong here, and Dow will always fight for you.

Thank you,



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